2021 Competition

The 2021 submissions were narrowed down to the 'Elite Eight' for evaluation by our excellent team of judges. The voting took place in two stages, with the first stage having the judges asynchronously score the eight entries against the submission criteria during the Quarter-final (You can see their Quarter-Final scorecards  here). This produced a very tight final four to head into the live Semi-final and Final. 

Ahead of the live Semi-final and Final event, two special judges joined the panel after performing some deep analysis of the final four. Enrico Bonilauri of Emu Systems completed performance modelling for moisture management and a thermal bridge analysis of the entries. Chris Magwood of the Endeavour Centre then calculated the entries' embodied carbon against baseline assemblies for each respective climate zone (You can see the analysis in the Semi-Final here).


The live Semi-final and Final event was hosted by Fine Homebuildng, with the final four student teams in attendance. After a very tight contest, and some input from the audience via live poling, the judges awarded Dylan Ingui and Giancarlo Martinell the winners of the Wall Assembly -Sweet 16 Competition for 2021. This high-school team from New York put together an excellent multi-family retrofit wall assembly the narrowly took the win. 


We thank all 2021 participating  students for their effort, ideas and enthusiasm when it comes to applied building science. Please learn about the entries and winner from 2021 below.

2021 Selected Entries


#1: CZ 3C

The Contrarian

Submission by: Brian Cade

School: Hartnell College

Location & CZ: Seaside, California (Climate Zone 3C)

#2: CZ 4C

Larsen Truss Wall

Submission by: Caleb Bean

School: University of Oregon School of Architecture and Environment

Location: ​Portland, Oregon (Climate Zone 4C)

Larsen Truss Wall .jpg


#3: CZ 4A

Multi-Family Retrofit

Submission by: Dylan Ingui and Giancarlo Martinell

School: Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School and Brooklyn Technical High School

Location: ​Queens, New York (Climate Zone 4A)

#4: CZ 5A

Low Carb Wall

Submission by: Mitchell Lundie, George Akong John, Jeffrey Wong & Ricardo Brown

School: School of Apprenticeship & Skilled Trades, George Brown College

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Climate Zone 5A)

GBC Wall Assembly_Axo.jpg

#5: CZ 5A

The Perfect Wall

Submission by: Stevos Baczek

School: Auburn University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts (Climate Zone 5A)

#6: CZ 4A

Simply Efficient Wall

Submission by: Thomas Nichols

School: Lincoln Land Community College

Location: Taylorville, Illinois (Climate Zone 4A)

Wall Assembly Resubmit.jpg

#7: CZ 5A

Single-Family Retrofit

Submission by: Kasper Gruszczynsk

School: University of Toronto – School of Continuing Education

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Climate Zone 5A)

#8: CZ 5A

The Golden Assembly

Submission by: William Turnbull & Demetrios Vassiliades

School: School of Apprenticeship & Skilled Trades, George Brown College

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Climate Zone 5A)

The Golden Assembly Proposal WT_DV Revis

2021 Judging Team