2022 Selected Entries

Below are the selected entries for the 2022 Wall Assembly competition and the TOP4! Join the judges June 21st at 6pm EST find out who wins the 3rd annual competition! The June 21st webinar is hosted by Fine Homebuilding.

Alexia Mereuta_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png


Top 4!

The Perfect House

Submission by: Alexia Mereuta

School: Toronto Metropolitan University

Location & CZ: Southern Ontario (Climate Zone 7A)


The Sipz Wall

Submission by: Josh Lundblad

School: Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (High School)

Location: ​Grand County, CO (Climate Zone 7B)

Josh Lundblad_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png
Holly Ning_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png


High Performance I-Joist Wall

Submission by: Holly Ning

School: Toronto Metropolitan University

Location: ​Toronto, ON (Climate Zone 5A)


Off-Site Wall

Submission by: George Akong John

School: George Brown College

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Climate Zone 5A)

George Akong-John_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png
Leah Dingman_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png


Straw Bale Wall

Submission by: Leah Dingman

School: University of Waterloo

Location: Waterloo, ON (Climate Zone 6A)


Top 4!

House 28 Wall

Top 4!

Submission by: House 28 Class

School: Taylorville High School

Location: Taylorville, IL (Climate Zone 4A)

Taylorville_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png
Albert Gerard_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png


12" OC Wall

Submission by: Albert Gerard

School: Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute

Location: Southern Saskatchewan (Climate Zone 7B)


UMich Wall

Top 4!

Submission by: Dylan Inqui

School: LaGuardia High School

Location: Ann Arbor, MI (Climate Zone 6A)

Dylan Ingui_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png
Max Tukulj_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png


Double Stud Wall

Submission by: Max Tukulj

School: George Brown College

Location: Toronto, ON (Climate Zone 5A)


Larsen Truss Wall

Top 4!

Submission by: Caleb Bean

School: University of Oregon

Location: Portland, OR (Climate Zone 4C)

Caleb Bean_Wall Assembly Competition 2022.png