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Wall Assembly Competition

Student Edition

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4th Annual -

Lanching January 2023

What is the 

Sweet 16?

Wall Assembly - Sweet 16 is a single-stage international student wall assembly competition held annually by BS* and Beer of Kansas City and The School of Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades at George Brown College.


Participants are tasked with designing a wall assembly for their given climate zone while considering six criteria with a focus on applied building science.


The inaugural 2020 competition, created as a way to combat boredom during the global lockdown pitted 16 assemblies against each other from professional Builders and Architects.  Beginning in 2021, the Sweet 16 placed emphasis on the work of skilled-trade, architectural, and design students from across North America.

For 2023, we will be back for an exciting 4th running of the Wall Assembly - Sweet 16 (Student Edition) with a continued mission to champion the ideas of young tradespeople, designers and architects.


Wall assemblies are a pivotal aspect of envelope design in residential construction and the foundation of many students' initial application of building science. While the focus of the competition remains wall assemblies, critical attention must be paid to the connections and proposed assemblies of adjoining foundations, floors and roofs.  


The competition is open to any high-school, college or university student in North America. There is no fee to enter.

We put your wall assembly in a cage 

match with the best of the best.

Over $20,000 prizes last year!

In 2022 the Sweet 16 provided over $20,000 USD in cash, products and educational training to the winning entries. All student entrants also received a complimentary one-year digital membership to Fine Homebuilding.


This year's prizes to be announced January 2023.


Submissions can be made by any current student as an individual, group, or class submission. 


The entries must be submitted electronically as two separate PDF files not exceeding 10MB each. Each entry should contain, in order, the following documents (in English):


Document One: 8.5" x 11" - Project Summary

- 1-2 page(s) maximum (see template example)

- A maximum of 150-word text describing the project

- A maximum of 100-word text describing each response

  to the six criteria 


Document Two: 8.5" x 11" - Images and Drawings 

- 5 pages maximum, with one image/drawing* per page

- Up to 4 views, drawings or images of your wall assembly (section, axonometric, perspective, photos of the mockup, etc.)

- A perspective of the wall assembly in its entirety (from the footing to the roof)

* Note: preference for portrait images so that they can be shared as Instagram Posts and for voting purposes 



Submission Info

Scholarship Funds
Through the incredible support of our sponsors, we also offer funds to students who have communicated training and education goals to advance their design and building skills.  


All entrants who complete the 'Scholarship Submission' letter will be eligible for education funding. You do not need to win a prize to be eligible. 


This year's scholarships to be announced January 2023.





An evaluation of the control layers to assess thermal performance & potential air-tightness



Ease of workability or installation on the jobsite and availability of material spec’d



The longevity of the assembly given water shedding and vapor control, with a focus on reparability


Embodied Carbon:

Based on an 8’ wide by 10’ tall mock wall assembly and totaling the embodied carbon of the complete assembly



Including labor and material (with the inclusion of special equip. like cranes for pre-built assemblies) 



Does the assembly allow for future 

remodeling, and when the assembly is finally deconstructed what is the level of reuse, recyclability & toxicity of materials


Note: Criteria will be analyzed according to the submission’s local climate zone and material/labour economy


Meh           OK           Good           Great

1    2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10

Dates to be announced in January 2023 for the
4th Annual Wall Assembly - Sweet 16


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